Refund and Return Policy


We accept refunds or returns within 10 days of purchase. We will refund or replace the item if:
✅ Item is not physically scratched
✅ Item was bought from our store
✅ Item has factory defect (broken lock, loose welds)

Instructions on how to return and refund:
  1. Contact first Alessa Bags and Accessories via our Facebook Page (Messenger)
  2. For Customers within Metro Manila/Cavite/Rizal, we will send via our courier service the replacement for the product. Customer to hand it over the defective product to our courier.
  3. For Customers outside Metro Manila, we will give you the details on to whom and where to send the defective product.
  4. The customer should send us the receipt or order number to Alessa Bags and Accessories for the proof that he/she has already sent back to us the defective product.
  5. Once we got the confirmation of the shipment, we will ship the replacement to the customer free of any charges.